Tool to Test Your Stool
Tool to Test Your Stool

Toilet Snorkel

Imagine that you're experiencing a blissful moment in the restroom, utilizing your favorite application (the StoolAnalyzer), when suddenly you're faced with danger. The room begins to fill with dark smoke, and you can smell a fire. The toxic smoke begins to choke you but you cannot escape. What would you do?!

If you had a "Toilet Snorkel", you would be able to buy some precious time until help arrived. This ingenious device was patented by William Holmes in 1981.

It could save your life!
Toilet Snorkel
Patent name
Fresh-air breathing device and method
Publication number
US 4320756 A
Filing date
Feb 25, 1981
Publication date
Mar 23, 1982
William O. Holmes
The recent rash of fires in high-rise hotels and deaths occasioned thereby has given rise to the need for a breathing device and method for supplying a hotel guest and/or fireman with fresh air until he can be rescued. The device and method of this invention provide for the insertion of a breathing tube through the water trap of a toilet to expose an open end thereof to fresh air from a vent pipe connected to a sewer line of the toilet, to enable the user to breathe fresh air through the tube.
Toilet Snorkel


An ideal stool looks like a torpedo – it should be large, soft, fluffy and easy to pass.

Dr. Foxx-Orenstein, president of the American College of Gastroenterology
There is nothing more natural than pooing. Everyone does it, sometimes several times a day. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, a queen or the president... Even the Pope needs to take a poo. Please visit often to analyze your poo.
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